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I.  Academic (Non Profit) Research Grants

   Current Status:  You are a well-trained researcher - in a Highly Competitive                                           grant environment.
          Problem:   You are more than likely NOT well-trained in strategic planning                                       and writing of grant proposals - few are.

          Solution:   Leverage our strategic planning and grant expertise.

           Results:   Funded research, job security, prestige, career advancement,                                         overhead revenues.

Attaining NIH, NSF, and other grant awards has never been more difficult – at least in our lifetimes – and it is not going to get better.  Yet, you can and will be successful if you know how. My personal experiences assisting MDs and PhDs with their grants has taught me that you are highly unlikely to get grant awards by reading books, talking with colleagues, or even attaining assistance from typical "grant writers" that lack a broad scientific base, strategic analysis and planning expertise, and extensive grantsmanship expertise.  Like flying an airplane, very few can simply jump into the cockpit and fly after reading a manual or watching a video or chatting with an expert pilot.  To fly an airplane, you need the guidance of an expert flight instructor.  Similarly, my overwhelming experience assisting clients with their grant proposal has shown me that most of you will need considerable guidance to break the cycle of continued grant failure and acquire the "art" to consistently attain grant awards on your own thereafter: a "traditional" grant writer will not suffice.  

By attaining expert guidance in strategic planning and strategic writing, my clients attain more grant awards, spend less time writing proposals, are more productive, have more “free time” to pursue research or other activities outside the laboratory, and have a successful career with far less stress.

The feedback from my clients has further taught me that taking the first step – to attain the assistance you need – is often the hardest step in the entire process.  Overcoming barriers, mostly self – imposed, is hard for many to do.  Not enough time, expectations of prohibitive costs, lack of prior success with grant writers, or fear of what others may think are common barriers.  All can be overcome, but it takes resolve to do so.  Others have done so and you can too.  When you consider the life-long ability to bring in grant awards for your laboratory and overhead money for your institution, the investment is trivial – for both you and your institution.

Whether you are a new investigator or an established investigator struggling to maintain your laboratory, you can and will be successful – but you must take the first step to do so. 

All of our services are unique, devoted to your success, 
and have been proven to be highly effective. 


Contact us today to prepare a stellar grant proposal and learn life-long skills to be consistently successful 

Grant Consulting:  Leap frog your career to success

  • For some, all that is needed is providing some assistance with framing, clarity and excitement for a grant application.  This is the "low hanging fruit" and is usually the only place where other grant writers attain success.  
  • Yet for others, it may mean assisting the principle investigator with identifying a truly significant problem and developing a fabulous and innovative solution - one of high significance and value to reviewers and the scientific community.  This is the "high hanging fruit" that requires far more scientific and strategic analysis than other grant writers possess.  Not to be misinterpreted, I am not the expert in your field (you are), but my strong scientific background and experience enables me to quickly comprehend your research so that I can guide you in the process of identifying high-value problems and their solutions.  I excel at this and enjoy the process immensely.  It will be fun !  
  • For others, it may be building a competitive advantage for the proposal or building credibility for the research team when there is a less than stellar publication record.  Your lack of productivity (whether real or only your perception) need not prohibit your success.  We can work through this for your initial grants and help put you on the right track for building your credibility for future grant

Seminars and Workshops:  What you don't know will come back to bite you !

  • In my seminars, you will discover quickly that most of what we learned about writing grants as graduate students is exactly the wrong approach in today's hyper-competitive environment. It will make you more competitive.
  • In my workshops, we will work on your grant proposal - to determine if the problem addressed warrants funding, whether your solution is innovative, whether you have presented your competitive advantage, and whether you have presented all this in a compelling proposal that is exciting to read.  

Grant Foundry:  Advanced grantsmanship course

  • I am now collaborating with Dr. Morgan Giddings founder of "Marketing Your Science" and author of  "4 Steps to Funding" in what is certainly the most accomplished grant writing course that I know of.  It is fabulous and slots fill quickly - so contact me early to reserve your spot today.   


Contact us today to see how we can best assist you to attain your grant awards:  contact us form, email at, or call 206-629-6902.


II.  Small Business (SBIR/STTR) Grants

   Current Status:  You have a fabulous idea for a product or service - one that                                               will have a large impact and commercial application.
          Problem:   You are more than likely NOT well-trained in strategic planning                                        and writing of grant proposals or navigating the multiple                                          options that the SBIR/STTR program offers.

          Solution:   Leverage our strategic planning, grant expertise, and business                                          development expertise to cement your ideas and create a                                         fabulous grant application.

           Results:   Funded research, company stability, prestige, and credibility,                                          new products and services for attaining investment or sales                                        revenues.   


I have obtained many SBIR/STTR grants for my own company and for my grant consultation / writing clients.  My broad scientific background, business expertise, and grantsmanship expertise distinguishes me from other grant writers and accounts for much of my success.  My love of doing this, my ability to work with clients, and my tenacious and positive attitude also contribute significantly.  Yet, I know what it is like to contract for services (e.g. marketing, market research, etc.) only to be utterly disappointed with no benefit to my company.  I also know what it is like to start a small business - with limited funds.  Accordingly, I was always willing to pay extra for services if I would actually realize derived financial revenues.  It is why I offer two means to compensate us for our services.  First, you may compensate us using a set fee for the project.  Alternatively, you may be able to compensate us based on your successful acquisition of grant proceeds (there is a small up-front fee which we charge to be sure clients are committed and engaged).  Of course we charge more for the latter, but again, I was always willing to do so myself if I realized the benefit.  SBIR grants even provide the means to pay the compensation - so you really have nothing to lose.

Contact us today to see how we can best assist you to attain your grant awards:  contact us form, email at, or call 206-629-6902.

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