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 Founding of Innovative Research Grants, LLC

Robert Finney, Ph.D. founded Innovative Research Grants, LLC.  In addition to his doctoral and postdoctoral training in Biology and Molecular Biology, he has formal training in Project Management, Six Sigma, and Knowledge Management - and extensive training in Grant Writing and Grant Evaluation - applicable to both non-profit and for-profit organizations.      

"I have been fortunate to have received scientific research training under some fabulous mentors: Dr. David Soll, University of Iowa and Dr. J. Michael Bishop, UCSF.   In my academic, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology career, I have also been fortunate to have led, worked side-by-side with, or provided products and services for some highly talented research teams comprised of chemists, biologists, molecular biologist, biochemists, bioinformatics, computer scientists, and others.   It ultimately provided the broad scientific and business expertise I needed to found my own company (initially SBIR funded) with clients and products used throughout the world.  What I have excelled at and become well known for is the ability to identify high-priority problems, ask the right questions, assemble innovative solutions, and then communicate them clearly, concisely, and convincingly to attain desired goals and objectives (grants, contracts for research projects, partners, etc.).  It is exactly the skill set and art required to attain grant awards in today’s hyper-competitive grant environment, and it is largely responsible for the success I have had assisting my clients.  Combined with my formal and extensive training in grant writing and evaluation, it is what separates my services from the rest of the grant writing community."  

"I am retiring from my biotechnology company, but I have no intention of leaving science and the research community I love.  Instead, I have refocused my skills to grant and career consulting.  It is one of the best and most exciting choices I have made for some time.  I get to work with fabulous researchers, keep abreast of cutting-edge science, use my skills to attain grant awards for clients, advance client careers, and do so from anywhere I happen to be at the time.  It is why I founded Innovative Research Grants, LLC."  

Contact us today to see how we can assist you, your department/institution, or your company.  We prefer that you contact us using our contact form, but you may also email us at info@innovativeresearchgrants.com.