Grant Writing 

Easier, Faster, and More Effective

Attaining grant awards is "hyper-competitive."  While other grant assistance companies provide traditional knowledge for WHAT needs to be included in proposals, they do not provide a systematic approach for HOW to ensure your proposal is competitive and HOW to make grant writing easier, faster, and more effective. 

My approach to grant development and writing provides a systematic means to develop your significance, innovation, scientific premise, broader impacts, approach, environment, and team. Through the process, you will discover your strengths and weaknesses and how to build upon those to excite reviewers about your project and your team.  Many of my clients tell me my approach to grant development and writing provides clarity and totally changed their mind set about grant writing.  They not only do not dread grant writing, but actually enjoy the process and consider it essential to their research programs. 

My clients include those new to grant writing, those that have struggled to attain funding, and those that are experienced and successful.  Through my initial FREE consultation, we can arrive at services to meet your needs and career aspirations.  Contact us to see how we can assist you.

From a client:  I just received the Summary Statement written in response to the R61/R33 (attached) that I submitted 10/18.  Your help has been really precious!  You are brilliant!   P.L.


FOR ACADEMIC RESEARCHERS:  I provide options to accommodate diverse needs of academic researchers. Included are one-off reviews and discussions, and comprehensive grant writing assistance.  For some, I offer full career development services, where my success rate to date is 100%.  I do not perform miracles and your needs depend on where you are in your career continuum.  At one extreme, I have successfully assisted those that were literally told they would never attain a grant award.  Another client used my assistance to attain 3 awards totaling over $12M in funding over the past 2 years.  Visit the academic grant and career development page for more details for how I can assist you.  Also, take advantage of my FREE 15-minute consultation where we can discuss what will work best for you.  Worried about cost?  Don’t be.  We can arrive at a solution that works for you, including direct fee for services or even fee-for-success options.


FOR ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONS AND DEPARTMENTS:  You will find my approach to grant development and writing a refreshing change from other grant consultants.  I provide services to transform the success of your researchers and the culture of your department or institution.  Included are workshops, courses, and consultations. The knowledge and skills learned are applicable to all grants, from small individual proposals to large multi-institutional proposals. I combine lectures with “hands on” exercises that transform the mindset for grant writing as well as success rates.  I drill down to get to the many essential elements of a competitive grant proposal, how to present materials effectively, how to identify weaknesses, how to address those weaknesses both in the short term and long term, and how to exploit your strengths.  Most researchers tell me the experience is an eye opener.  I believe there is no better return on investment that institutions or departments can provide to bolster grant success.  Visit the faculty development page for more details for how I can assist you or contact me to discuss how I can assist in the success of your department or institution.   


FOR SMALL BUSINESSES:  I provide as little or as much SBIR/STTR support as you desire. For those well-versed in the SBIR/STTR program, I can provide a critical set of eyes to identify strengths and weaknesses for you to consider. For those not well-versed, I can provide assistance with registrations, proposal development, proposal writing, forms, biosketches, budgets, letters of support, grant administration, and even bookkeeping.  If in the Pacific Northwest, you may want to attend free seminars I present through Life Sciences Washington (the life sciences trade association for the State of Washington).  I work with both large and small companies throughout the US with flexible payment options (including fee-for-success options) so that I can accommodate client needs.  Visit the SBIR/STTR page for more details for how I can assist you or contact me for a FREE 15-minute consultation. 

From a small business client: “You have been amazing!” 


About Us: I enjoy assisting clients with their grant proposals and careers, as it draws me into cutting-edge projects that I find fascinating.  My training as a scientist, my experience in leading research teams, my business and product development training/experience, my experience establishing and heading a research-oriented, small business, and my extensive expertise in communication with diverse audiences (scientists of all kinds, business analysts, investors, company executives, and others) provided me with unique expertise and skills essential for developing the systematic process used for grant development and writing.  I know of no better approach.  I encourage you to learn more about my background on the about us page.  Although I have a team to assist with some services, I still take the major role for assisting my clients.


Contact us to see how we can best assist you.