Special Announcements:  SBIR/STTR

If you are thinking about submitting a proposal for the September 5th due date, please contact us soon.  We only have a limited number of slots left.  Schedule a FREE 20 minute consultation call at: calendly.com/rfinney/free-sbir-sttr-consultation.  In this call, we can determine if there is a good fit.  Cash flow difficult?  Not to worry.  We are so successful with our SBIR/STTR clients that we can base our fee on success of your proposal - and the proceeds of your award can be used.  

Consistently Attain Grant Awards

Are your grant proposals effective ?  

Or is your real potential hidden to grant reviewers ?

Why do researchers fail with Grant Proposals? There is no way around the fact that attaining grant awards is "hyper-competitive."  It is also evident that MOST new investigators (or established investigators without funding for several years) will NOT attain significant funding.  More often than not, academic and industry scientists are unsuccessful time and time again.  Together with my colleagues at Innovative Research Grants, we assist clients to either proactively avoid that rejection cycle or to pull themselves out of it.  Perhaps the hardest part is for researchers and institutions to realize that they are not prepared for successful grant writing.  This is a hard realization to make because, quite frankly, the vast majority of researchers just plain do not know what they do not know when it comes to proposal development or for effective writing.  Attaining input from senior colleagues is a recourse, but typically ineffective: The rules for attaining awards for these established investigators are dramatically different from those of new investigator and the the drain on their time to sufficiently analyze your proposal is not reasonable. My clients quickly come to realize these things, so that together we can map and navigate a positive and productive road for grant development success.  It is a game changer.  The success rate of our clients is nothing short of spectacular.  As I said, the hardest part of ensuring success is realizing that it will require professional guidance in today's hyper-competitive environment.  Being PROACTIVE is essential.

Why should you have us on your team? 

Why Innovative Research Grants?  My team at Innovative Research Grants is here for YOU.  We take the time and have the expertise to get awards for our clients.  Having the academic and commercial background to deeply explore your framing options is key to funding - as is the ability to build upon that foundation to bring out its innovation and your competitive advantage.  Also key is the relationship we establish with our clients.  Our clients are spectacular and most remain as clients for years.    

Overcoming Self-Imposed Barriers to Attaining Success 

There are typically two barriers standing in the way of YOUR success.  The first barrier is ego.  You may be asking yourself: If I get professional assistance, does that mean I am scientifically deficient?  What will my colleagues think?  the second barrier is cost.  You must ask yourself the following questions.  Have you spent years and years of training in grantsmanship?  Are you absolutely sure that you will attain awards?  Is the risk of not attaining awards worth it?  Even professional explorers hire guides to traverse unfamiliar territory.  Sure, they may be able to do it on their own, but the risk is not worth the saved expense.  Indeed, the expense is trivial compared to the benefits my clients attain and their departments quickly realize the value to their bottom line.  So I urge you to be proactive - whether through professional assistance provided by us or by others.  If through others, just be sure they truly have the knowledge, expertise, and competence to make it happen for you.  

We can make a difference to YOUR Success 

For academic researchers, We provide services to an elite group of researchers for individual grant and career development assistance. I have many clients that now actually look forward to proposal development and writing and they are being highly successful.  Some have had to stop writing proposals, as they could not manage more projects at the moment.  Ever so many had either never attained a prior award or attained awards on rare occasions.  If you would like to be considered for inclusion in this elite group, please contact us.  For those that want intense lessons to quickly master effective and efficient proposal development and writing - and have the commitment to make this an integral part of their research strategy - I also now collaborate with Dr. Morgan Giddings of "Marketing Your Science" and author of "4 Steps to Funding." Included are lessons, forums, group discussions, one on one consultations, and multi-day workshops.  It is fabulous and it will transform your attitude, enthusiasm, and long-term success with proposals.

For academic institutions and departments, I provide services to transform the success of your researchers and the culture of your department.  From vast experience, I can tell you that most of your faculty do not know what they do not know to consistently compete in today's hyper-competitive grant environment.  Through a series of workshops, I transform the proposal development and writing environment of institutions and departments. Having a community of researchers all on the same page for knowledge of successful grantsmanship provides the competitive edge to propel your researchers to higher success.  If you are looking for a one-off workshop as a "magic pill" to enhance award productivity of your group, this is NOT it.  Simply put, "magic pills" do not work. Follow up and continued input to attain better decisions for proposal development is essential.  I can do this for your group.  I believe there is no better return on investment that you can provide.  

For small businesses, I am considered by some as the "go to" person for assistance with Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant development and writing assistance in the Pacific Northwest (although I have clients throughout the US).  This partly stems from my ongoing seminars provided through Life Sciences Washington (the life sciences trade association for the State of Washington) and through my exceptional success rates.  I work with both larger and smaller companies with flexible payment options so that I can accommodate the needs of my clients. 

Don't be left behind 

I have attained millions in grant awards for my own research and for those of my clients (academic and businesses) – including those that have struggled with attaining funding.  Many of my clients have told me that the most difficult part of attaining grant awards was reaching out to get assistance.  Concerns about costs, perception of being incompetent at grants, or perceptions that writing grant applications is futile and a "crap shoot" are among some of the more common concerns.  I urge you to overcome these barriers to your success.   We have numerous plans and financial means for you to attain the assistance you need: all you have to do is contact us to see how we can help you get started.  We prefer that you contact us using our contact form, but you may also email us at info@innovativeresearchgrants.com to get started.  For many, our service transforms views of grants from a necessary evil to a productive, intellectually creative, and (yes) even an enjoyable process.