Small Business Grants: SBIR/STTR Grants

OVERVIEW: I provide as little or as much SBIR/STTR support as you desire. 

  • For some, I provide a critical set of eyes to identify strengths and weaknesses of the proposal.  This normally includes narratives and biosketches. 

  • For others, I provide additional assistance with registrations, idea validation (yes, that is important to communicate), developing a commercialization plan with validation, proposal writing, forms, biosketches, budgets, letters of support, grant administration, and even bookkeeping. 

  • For a small number of clients, I assist with fundamental business development - to build a viable business strategy.  Together, we then pursue team development and proposal development and writing.

UNIQUELY QUALIFIED:  SBIR/STTR grants require not only a background in research and research rigor, but also a background in business development.  I have formal training, expertise, and experience with both research and commercialization that has proven to be indispensable for my clients (although I will never pretend to be an expert in your field).  I will ask the tough questions so that together we can build a strong proposal.  I have assisted with Biomedical, Medical Devices, Engineering, Computer Science, and so many more things.  I love the diversity, which is largely why I continue to do what I do.  I now mentor as part of the NSF I-Corp initiative (to assist potential SBIR/STTR entrepreneurs with business validation and development).  If in the Pacific Northwest, you may want to attend free seminars on SBIR/STTR proposal development and writing I present through Life Sciences Washington (the life sciences trade association for the State of Washington).  I work with well-established companies and start-up companies throughout the US with flexible payment options (including fee-for-success options) so that I can accommodate client needs. 

From a small business client: "Robert is an excellent writer and knows what it takes to write a successful SBIR. He also knows the ins and outs of the process, as well as how to be a cheerleader when you need encouragement!”

From a small business client: “You have been amazing!”

COST: I never want cost of my services to be a barrier for my clients.  Contact us.  We will find a way to make it happen for you.  I admit that I am not inexpensive.  You can find less expensive consultants.  Question is, can you find one worth the expense.  I offer two options for my fees.  The first is a simple fee for services.  The second is a smaller upfront payment followed by a fee once an award is made.  Often, clients use part of the “fee” portion of their budget for my services.  Specifically, small business grants include a “fee” as part of the budget: it is basically to ensure that companies attain a profit for the work they do on the awarded study.  Agencies want you to have these fees and will often add them if you do not.