SBIR / STTR Grants

We have attained millions of dollars in SBIR / STTR grant support and will provide personal assistance in development and writing of your proposal.  There are two fundamental elements required for attaining an SBIR grant award:

  • Content:  You must have a great project.  Specifically, your grant project must address an urgent commercial need (something better, cheaper, or faster) with a substantial market and it must be innovative.  It also must align with projects desired by the SBIR / STTR program.  Because most grant writers do not assist with content, many writers decline assistance to potential clients - as they do not have the expertise to develop the idea*.  
  • Presentation:  Your grant project must be written to market your project to the study section.  If not marketed properly, great projects will not get funded.  

Unlike other writers that focus only on presentation, we focus on both content and presentation:  We are not just writers.  We are scientists capable of delving into your project to tease out essential content required for funding of your project.  We are also product development and marketing experts - essential for meeting both development of content, project development, and marketing of your project - so that it gets funded.  The result is better success for our clients.

*Even if you have been denied assistance by others (because they do not assist with content), contact us and we will explore your project in greater detail to determine if we can assist you in developing your idea into a great proposal.

Please note:  Because we have been very successful with SBIR / STTR grants, we  will consider partial payment contingent upon attaining a grant for SBIR grants.  Unlike academic (nonprofit) grants, SBIR grants have provisions for making a small profit when awarded a grant.  That profit can be used for any purpose - related to or even unrelated to the objectives of the grant.  Hence, there are provisions that can be used to pay for our grant consulting services.  However, because there is more risk for us, we do charge more if payment is contingent upon attaining a grant.  This is only fair.  We also do require some payment up front, as this provides some incentive for our clients to do their part in making the grant proposal successful.  To get started, we prefer that you submit our contact us form, but also feel free to email us at, or call us directly at 206-629-6902.  We will give you feedback - so you will know what needs to be accomplished for a successful grant proposal.