Grant Consulting and Writing

Leverage:  What You Really Need to Do to Attain Grant Awards   

I have been assisting scientists (MDs and PhDs) with grant proposals for some time now.  I have learned that most of my clients are bright, well-trained in science, and have great ideas for grant proposals - yet have been unsuccessful with most if not all of their grant submissions.  I also quickly realized that simply reading grant writing articles or books, seeking assistance from colleagues, or even seeking assistance from other "grant writers" has not been fruitful.  Instead, it has become very apparent that the most successful means to consistently attain grant awards is leveraging professional assistance.

Companies leverage consultants all the time - because doing so enables a large return on their investment.     

Our Grant Consulting and Writing services provide one-to-one assistance with your grant.  The process is a two-way street:  it requires dedication from both of us.  Our discussions will enable us to weave your interests, knowledge, expertise, credibility and resources (i.e. your competitive advantage) into an innovative and clear project of great interest to grant proposal reviewers.  It is almost always an enlightening and energizing experience - where the real value and excitement of the research proposal is clearly revealed so that reviewers will "get it." It is why I enjoy assisting my clients so much.  Through the experience, my clients not only attain a stellar proposal, but they also learn how to think more clearly about their approach to grants and grant writing.  Most end up telling me that they never knew writing a grant proposal could be so much fun.  The result is more efficient and effective grant writing, with less stress, more success, more fun, and more scientific productivity.

You can and will attain grants if you know how.  Yet, many scientists are hesitant to attain the assistance they need: by not attaining assistance, they are essentially gambling with their careers and the careers of those in their laboratory.    When you consider the benefits that sustainable grant funding has for you and your institution, the investment of your time and the costs for professional assistance is trivial.  


To get started, we ask that you submit our contact us formemail us at, or call us directly at 206-629-6902.  We will give you feedback - so you will know what needs to be accomplished for a successful grant proposal.