Grant Consultation: Option 1

$ 2,250.00

Grant consultation and writing assistance:  Price listed is half compensation (please see below for details).

The purpose is to derive a grant application that warrants funding.  To do this:

  • We will focus primarily on significance and innovation - to provide a working frame for the proposal.
  • We will identify the competitive advantage for the team, evaluate the team for strengths and weaknesses, and suggest remedies (if any).    
  • We will address reviewer perceptions of the proposal and derive a strategy to deconstruct and reconstruct that perception.
  • We will evaluate the approach - but must rely the investigators for much of this.  We will explore strengths and weaknesses.
  • We will assist with writing the proposal - so that it is strategically written to communicate the significance and innovation of the project as well as the competitive advantage of the investigative team.  Foremost, it will be written to acquire reviewer enthusiasm for the proposal.

We anticipate that communication will require both written (up to 8 revisions) and teleconferencing (up to two one hour conference calls and two 30 minute calls).  Additional revisions and conference calls may be done (and often are), but are not guaranteed.  

Compensation:  $4,500 (USD) 50% to initiate project and 50% due upon completion.  The second payment is due only if pleased with the result.