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If you are like me, you were taught the wrong way to write grants - ways that are totally ineffective in today's hyper-competitive grant environment.  Books, web posts, and other grant writing resources can only do so much to teach grant writing.  Even the handful of good grant writing resources fall short of teaching how to put the lessons into practice - and it is why most researchers remain inadequate at writing their proposals after consulting these resources and why grant writing is dreaded by so many.  BUT, lets put a positive spin on this.  If you happen to be among the minority of researchers that know how to frame a grant and how to avoid the many pitfalls that lead to instant doom, YOU WILL MOST CERTAINLY OUT COMPETE those that do not.  

Our Grant Writing Seminars and Workshops are unique in that they go beyond the text book course materials to enable researchers to identify their competitive advantage and put it to use in their proposals.  They further highlight pitfalls and how you can avoid them.  To be clear - you will NOT be an expert grant writer by only attaining our seminar and workshop services - nor those of any other provider.  What you will have is a solid foundation and a well marked path to becoming an expert.  You will also realize that grant writing is actually an integral part of doing great science and, yes, IT IS FUN.  

Our Seminars and Workshops are also ideal for departments or institutions.  Attaining critical feedback is important for all grant writers.  Yet, very few readers have the skills to provide the real feedback that will have an impact on success of the proposal.  Through our Seminars and Workshops, you and your colleagues will attain such skills and you will be "on the same page" for framing your proposal to attain its full impact on reviewers.  This is ever so important.  

Learning how to write successful grant applications is essential for all researchers - but especially those struggling in today's grant environment, those just starting their own laboratories, or those about to start their own laboratories.  AND IT IS FUN!

You can and will attain grants if you know how.  When you consider the benefits that sustainable grant funding has for your departmental researchers and for your institution, the investment of time and costs for professional assistance is trivial.  Plus, we offer follow up consultations that build off of our seminars and workshops.  This unique service provides the support needed to become both efficient and effective at procuring grant funding.     

To get started, we ask that you submit our contact us formemail us at, or call us directly at 206-595-3642.  We will give you feedback - so you will know what needs to be accomplished for a successful grant proposal.